Volunteer Experience

Daramola Oluwatosin : My Camp Experience

My name is Daramola Oluwatosin.

During the last camp organised by Camp Adventure Africa in April, I was able to work hand in hand with the other volunteers in putting a smile on the faces of the people who live at Gayon Island.

It was the first and only camp I had ever attended at the time.

I assisted in the packaging and sharing of both educational and sport materials to the children as well as Food.

It was a really beautiful experience camping with such welcoming people. It helped me in building and keeping meaningful relationships and I also experienced great bonding and relaxation time.

It has truly made me a better person.


About Camp Adventure Africa

Camp Adventure Africa is a movement of young leaders reaching out to children, women, youth, and families in rural areas or marginalized communities, IDP Camps, Homes, and others while having fun and adventure at the same time. We are a non-traditional, non-conventional, and not-for-profit-making organization.

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