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My April Breathe Outreach by Agnes Williams

Breathe was my second experience with CAA family. The first one was education team’s hangout which was really fun. I ate a particular draw soup for the first time, lol.
Anyhoo, after the hang out, I knew I just had to attend outreaches whenever I have the opportunity to.

April outreach was awesome and I had a wonderful time with young leaders.

I joined CAA because I need to discover myself, meet and hangout with youths that are making a difference and I belive that with time I would discover myself.

I worry a lot about my future, not failing, about making sure that I am comfortable and my family is because I am the first born, so you can imagine how not knowing what I am interested in and what career path to follow is dealing with my head.
The outreach made me relax abit.
Most people said they learnt to take life easy, I learnt to make sure I get it right in time but then enjoy yourself while at it.
Seeing leaders at CAA, and I’m like God, you have to help me… you have to help CAA help me discover who I truly am.

I learnt to love, I learnt to have fun while working, I learnt to make good out of every situation, thanks to Anu, I learnt that posting things you do on social media or new places you have been to is not about one not being a able to live a low profiled life, but it’s about what opportunities it’s going to bring for you.
I always insult my friend that he can’t live a low profiled life. Always posting whatever he does, but I have learnt that, it’s not for show off or for people to know you do stuffs, it’s for the opportunities it’s going to bring for you and I am going to keep trying to explode my social media pages with things I do or get myself involved because I don’t like attention at all, don’t like people knowing what I get involved in, so my normal self don’t post pictures that much…

I have learnt to never let go of God, to hold him and involve him in every step I take. I pray that God will keep helping and guiding Mr Okikijesu in this mission.

This is my first camping experience and I never start to dey learn,I just observed, as per gentle girl wey I be. Lol

Thank you CAA


About Camp Adventure Africa

Camp Adventure Africa is a movement of young leaders reaching out to children, women, youth, and families in rural areas or marginalized communities, IDP Camps, Homes, and others while having fun and adventure at the same time. We are a non-traditional, non-conventional, and not-for-profit-making organization.

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