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My Camp Experience by Temitope Ajao

Over the past week, I embarked on a seven-day journey, traveling across Lagos, Ibadan, Osun, and Ekiti with Camp Adventure for its Summer Camp. This year’s camp was tagged, Essence. This annual experience never fails to thrill me, and I’m thrilled to share this year’s experience with you all.

Apart from the outreach efforts in remote communities within Osun and Ekiti, Camp Adventure Africa Initiative places a strong emphasis on the impact they make on their volunteers. Here are my few key takeaways from the Essence Summer Camp:

1. Observations on Poverty: Witnessing the Ipole community’s pursuit of the clothing we provided in Ekiti state has forever shifted my perspective on material possessions.

2. Overcoming Language Barriers: At the Fulani Settlement in Ipole Ekiti, a language barrier highlighted the importance of education. Camp Adventure Africa Initiative has played a crucial role in enhancing educational opportunities within the community.

3. Some insights from the Global Leadership Summit Sessions:
a. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and adopt a customer-centric approach.
b. Gain firsthand experience by immersing yourself in the field.
c. Embrace curiosity by asking questions, even if they seem simple.
d. Persistence is key; always seek solutions and don’t be deterred by rejection.
e. Be a courageous yet a humble leader.

4. Finding Essence in Life: As Mr Okikijesu wisely said, a fulfilling life requires embracing challenges and finding purpose.

5. Empowering Testimonies: The testimony night shed light on the challenges people face. The common key takeaway was to persevere and continuously evolve.

But that’s not all.

I was crowned the inaugural Miss Summer at the Essence Summer Camp! This honour serves as a testament to my role as the female ambassador of the organisation.

A heartfelt thank you to Camp Adventure Africa for providing me with the opportunity to give back to the community.

I look forward to doing more community impact projects with the initiative.


About Camp Adventure Africa

Camp Adventure Africa is a movement of young leaders reaching out to children, women, youth, and families in rural areas or marginalized communities, IDP Camps, Homes, and others while having fun and adventure at the same time. We are a non-traditional, non-conventional, and not-for-profit-making organization.

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